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N&S Group services are formed around 6 key industry strands which include; Investment / Wealth Consulting, Property Investment ,Facilities Management, Property Development , Interiors and Commercial Brokerage , . The concept of the structure is aimed at vertically integrating the business allowing each client to benefit from the expertise of each service beyond their brief or expectation

N&S was formed in Dubai UAE in 2008. Over the years, N&S has gained enormous respect for consistently delivering high quality, professional, value-add services in a transparent manner. It is also widely recognized for its involvement with many of the projects that have defined the landscape and physical infrastructure of the UAE.

N&S Group has an essential combination of local and international expertise. A deeply established brand, renowned for its application of the latest technological advances its commitment to transparency, winning strategies and human expertise.

N&S Investment and Wealth consulting department   is one of the activist consulting companies, created in 2016. Operating under the brand N&S Consulting, the investment partners manages £150 m, $100 m of assets, making it one of the activist firms in the UK and USA. It has a significant global presence and the scale and expertise to help clients meet their investment goals.

As one of a leading global Investment and Wealth consulting firm , N&S consulting  is dedicated to creating long-term value for our clients. The investment needs of our clients are at the heart of what we do. We offer a comprehensive range of investment solutions, as well as the very highest level of service and support.

Undisputed investment, wealth consulting and Commercial relationship experts, N&S represents a significant number of the region’s top commercial brand owners and investors.

N&S has witnessed outstanding growth and diversification over the decades and has built a strong regional network of offices and currently operates in: London, New York and Dubai.

Investment And Wealth 

Fixed Income Property Bonds With High Yields. Asset-Backed. Secured Against UK Property.

N&S Development Is Specialist In Urban Residential Development In London. 

Deliver Engaging Workplace Experiences Across All Aspects Of Your Connected Facilities

Is a London-Based luxury Interior Design Practice Comprised Of An Impressive Design Studio 

Is a London-Based luxury Interior Design Practice Comprised Of An Impressive Design Studio 

We are driven to be world class in everything we do

Dr.Nad Asadpoor

Whether it's looking after our clients’ investments, offering our employees a rewarding career path, or fulfilling our responsibilities to our shareholders.

Greg Howlett

our clients turn to us for the solutions they need when planning for their most important goals.

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