Strategic Client Solutions

Our Strategic Client Solutions team helps clients to address these and many other challenges. By working in close partnership, the team looks at each challenge holistically in the context of a client’s overall business and long-term goals.

Client investment needs often go beyond pure asset management. Many want an experienced partner that can help them address key strategic challenges such as increased regulatory requirements, cost pressures or the impact of low interest rates and subdued investment returns.

Through this highly bespoke approach, we have become a trusted partner to Private offices ,wealth managers and sovereign wealth funds in Europe, the US, Asia and the Middle East.

Key Benefits

Client empathy

Our experienced portfolio consultant have a range of backgrounds – from insurance and banking, to pensions and consultancy. Our empathy with the challenges and pressures that clients face drives us to develop and deliver solutions in the context of each client’s own regulatory framework and investment history,

Harnessing global resources

We harness  full global investment resources, providing access to investment specialists, macro and market insights, operational support and risk oversight.

Helping to simplify

Whether it is insight on a specific issue, ongoing advice or fiduciary management, our solutions are there to make life easier for each client.

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