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We are committed to full transparency, providing all of the information our investors need to know


Each development has its own Joint Venture Agreement where the profit-sharing split is detailed.

We typically search for investment opportunities that can achieve 17-20%* profit on cost. However, the results of the project can be higher or lower depending on the development’s performance.

*This figure may not be relied upon and is only a guide.

Tax treatment is dependent upon the individual investor’s tax situation. As we are not qualified to discuss tax issues it is suggested that you seek advice from an accountant on this matter. We are also happy to speak with your accountant should you need anything clarified regarding our investment model and legal structure. Please note we would require written permission from you prior to speaking to a representative such as an accountant.

Yes, the investments are financed by equity and debt. Every project we take on has senior debt. The debt is the responsibility of the developer to source and must be agreed in principle before we launch a project to our investors. In case personal guarantees are required to secure the loan, they are the responsibility of the developer and there is no recourse for the loan towards our investors

No, it is a non-liquid investment and as an investor you commit to the project for the full duration. You must consider whether such illiquidity might hinder your lifestyle and finances taking into account factors including age.
The minimum investment is £20,000. There is no defined maximum investment, however each investment will have a limited amount of funding being raised, and therefore there is an upper limit to how much equity can be invested in a single project.
No, our investments are designed for capital growth.
Each project has its own timescale laid out in the business plan before you invest. A typical project will last between 18-36 months, but may take longer.
Yes, you can visit the site however, access may be limited and will depend on health and safety restrictions at that time. Feel free to ask your IRM and they will usually arrange to meet you there.
The sale price is based on information extracted by estate agents and in-house analysts comparing the development with others in the area and the prices they achieved. We calculate our prices based on current market condition, not factoring any future rise or fall in prices.
Residents of EEA member states are welcome to invest. Restrictions vary from country to country and you should enquire with us if you live elsewhere in the world and wish to invest. Specifically US citizens residing in the US may not invest.
We cannot disclose this information due to data protection, but we can say that we have raised more than 500 investment units for UK investments, which equals nearly £30 million capital raised
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